Single Team

Travis Ledbetter

Travis Ledbetter is our newest hire at ETC. Travis has a background in Horticulture where he studied at Diablo Valley College. He is currently studying to become a Certified Arborist. Travis is a graduate of The Academy Ground Op’s class and is an Academy-Trained climber trainee. Within a few short months he has developed the tools necessary to operate a ground saw, operate the chipper, and operate a skid steer. As a climber trainee he has demonstrated that he understands the proper safety and technique to enter and move about in a tree.

While he is honing his skills to become a Certified Treeworker, he provides ground support to our climbers through his groundman position and as a truck driver. He has trained as a Ground Operation Specialist and has shown he is proficient in all daily aspects as a groundsman. Travis is proficient in Knots, Portwrap/GRCS installation, Chipper safety, maintenance & operations, Chainsaw safety, maintenance, & operations, and is an EHAP trainee.