Single Team

Paige Smith

Paige Smith is one of our newest hires and the first ETC “groundwoman” to assist on the frontlines and is quickly stepping up to her role at hand. She has a background in Horticulture that aids her while working around trees as she studies to become an ISA Certified Arborist. Paige is a graduate of The Academy Ground Op’s class and is an Academy-Trained climber trainee. Within a few short months she has developed the tools necessary to operate a ground saw, operate the chipper, and operate a skid steer. As a climber trainee she has demonstrated that she understands the proper safety and technique to enter and move about in a tree.

As she sharpens her skills to become a certified tree worker, she provides ground support to our climbers. She has trained as a Ground Operation Specialist and has shown to be proficient in all daily aspects as a groundman. Paige is proficient in Knots, Portwrap/GRCS installation, Chipper safety, maintenance & operations, Chainsaw safety, maintenance & operations, and is an EHAP trainee.