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Crane Services

There are a multitude of factors to use a crane in the removal of a tree. A crane can help mitigate the amount of risk associated with a hazardous tree that is unstable and unfit to climb. In the Bay Area we often find ourselves in areas that make it problematic to remove trees. A tree may be over a roof or structure, or too close to utilities. Utilizing a crane allows us to lift and place material in predetermined drop zones that are much more manageable and efficient. California yields some of the largest trees in the world and when they need to be removed a crane utilizes the most efficient way to remove them. It can save time and money on man-power, reduce physical strain on the crew as well as equipment. With an experienced operator and crew it can greatly mitigate the risks and hazards associated with tree removal.

Evergreen Tree Care has been utilizing cranes in tree work for 40 years. We have helped pioneer a path for other tree services by giving back to the industry through instruction at many various events throughout the year. We work with the best crane operators in the Bay Area to get your job done safe, efficient, and complete the first time.